The LoveTypes® QUIZ

Take the following quiz to determine your LoveType®, or give it to your potential mate to confirm his or her LoveType®.

Although you may see yourself in both answers to a question, check the answer that fits you best.

  1. I tend to draw more energy from:
  2. When I'm at a social gathering, I tend to have more energy:
  3. Which sounds more appealing?
  4. When on a date, I'm usually:
  5. In the past, I have tended to meet most of my dates:
  6. I tend to have:
  7. In the past, my loved ones and partners tended to say this about me:
  8. I tend to gather information more through:
  9. I tend to trust:
  10. When I'm in a relationship, I tend to believe:
  11. When I'm comfortable with a date, I prefer talking about:
  12. I am the kind of person who:
  13. I am the type of person who:
  14. I usually:
  15. I tend to make decisions:
  16. I tend to be better at noticing:
  17. When breaking up with someone:
  18. When dating someone, I tend to value:
  19. When I disagree with my partner:
  20. People who know me tend to describe me as:
  21. I see most of my encounters with people as:
  22. If I had the time and money, and a friend invited me to an exotic location and gave me one day's notice, I would:
  23. When on a first date, I:
  24. I prefer:
  25. I prefer a life that revolves around:
  26. Which is more common:
  27. I am the type of person who likes to:
  28. I am the type of person who:
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