A personal note from Dr. Avila: how LoveTypes® coaching can change your life!

I will be frank with you: Before I developed the LoveTypes® System, I had been suffering from frustrating and incompatible relationships. I realized that many people had the same hair-pulling question in their minds: Why do I always meet someone who seems perfect at the beginning of a relationship–only to discover that he or she is totally wrong for me? I called it the “Dating
Masquerade.” In the Dating Masquerade, singles put on psychological masks to impress each other when they first meet. But then later, once the masks came off, they often find that they are stuck in incompatible and unhappy relationships.

I found the solution when I developed and field-tested the LoveTypes® System, a revolutionary approach to dating, romance, and long-term relationships. Based on the theory behind the most popular personality test in the world– the Myers-Briggs Type indicator® — and years of extensive research, my system shows you exactly how to easily and accurately identify your ideal mate and develop a happy relationship by  understanding that person’s unique LoveType or romantic style.

My LoveType clients often say to me: “Oh, I wish I would have met you 10 years ago; I could have saved myself so much…(pain, frustration, divorce attorney fees–fill in the blank). I sympathize with these clients, I really do. In fact, I often wish I could take myself as a coach and go back in time to counsel my younger self–the naive, confused, and frustrated me who desperately needed a guide, coach,or mentor to achieve romantic and relationship success.

Fortunately, you now have the opportunity to profit from my years of research, education, and training–from thousands of hours of experience with real singles and couples–from my Ph.D. training in clinical psychology, and from my sincere desire to help you achieve your fondest and loveliest romantic dreams.

As your personal coach, I will guide you in the romantic and relationship areas of your life using my cutting edge LoveTypes® System, based on my best-selling book, LoveTypes. I will help you overcome stumbling blocks and anxieties, develop romantic self-confidence, find and win the heart of your ideal mate, and keep the love alive forever. Whether you’re single, or in a relationship or marriage, I can help you reach your relationship goals.

“Dr. Avila saved my romantic life. Before I was lonely and single, and now I’ve found the soul mate of my dreams. Thank you Dr. Avila.” J.P.

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