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The LoveTypes® QUIZ


Take the following quiz to determine your LoveType®, or give it to your potential mate to confirm his or her LoveType®.


Although you may see yourself in both answers to a question, check the answer that fits you best.

1. I tend to draw more energy from:
E) other people.
I) my own thoughts.
2. When I'm at a social gathering, I tend to have more energy:
E) toward the end of the night, and once I get going, I may be the last person to leave.
I) toward the early part of the night, and then I get tired and want to go home.
3. Which sounds more appealing?
E) going with my date to a place where there are lots of people and social interaction, such as a nightclub or party.
I) staying home and doing something special with my date, such as watching an entertaining video and eating my favorite
take-out food.
4. When on a date, I'm usually:
E) quite talkative throughout.
I) more quiet and reserved until I feel comfortable.
5. In the past, I have tended to meet most of my dates:
E) when I'm doing things in the outside world: at parties,
nightclubs, work, recreational activities, chance meetings,
or when friends introduce me to their friends.
I) through private methods such as personal ads, video dating,
or sometimes by personal introductions from close friends
and family.
6. I tend to have:
E) many acquaintances and many (or a few) close friends.
I) a few close friends and/or a few acquaintances.
7. In the past, my loved ones and partners tended to say this about me:
E) "Can't you be quiet and still for once?"
I) "Can you come out of your shell, please?"
8. I tend to gather information more through:
N) my imagination and expectation of what is possible.
S) my realistic sense of the here and now.
9. I tend to trust:
N) my leaps of intuition.
S) my direct observation and hands-on experience.
10. When I'm in a relationship, I tend to believe:
N) there is always room for improvement.
S) "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."
11. When I'm comfortable with a date, I prefer talking about:
N) the future, improving or creating things, and the possibilities of life; for example, I may talk about a new scientific discovery or a better way to express my feelings.
S) practical, concrete, and "here and now" subjects; for example, I may talk about the fine points of wine tasting or the exciting trip I'm about to take.
12. I am the kind of person who:
N) likes to see the big picture first.
S) likes to grasp the details first.
13. I am the type of person who:
N) prefers to live in my imagination instead of reality.
S) prefers to dwell in reality instead of my imagination.
14. I usually:
N) tend to fantasize a great deal about a date I'm about to go on.
S) tend to fantasize sparingly and simply allow the date to turn out the way it's going to.
15. I tend to make decisions:
F) first with my heart, then (perhaps) with my logic.
T) first with my logic, then (perhaps) with my heart.
16. I tend to be better at noticing:
F) when people need emotional support.
T) when people are being illogical.
17. When breaking up with someone:
F) I often let my feelings get in the way, and it's very hard
for me to let go.
T) although I can feel hurt, once I make up my mind, I am usually quite straightforward about putting my ex-partner out of my mind.
18. When dating someone, I tend to value:
F) emotional compatibility: expressing affection and being sensitive to each other's needs.
T) intellectual compatibility: communicating important ideas; discussing and debating matters objectively.
19. When I disagree with my partner:
F) I do everything I can to avoid hurting his or her feelings, and
I may not say anything if it will hurt too much.
T) I usually speak up and set my mate straight because right is right.
20. People who know me tend to describe me as:
F) warm hearted and sensitive.
T) logical and straightforward.
21. I see most of my encounters with people as:
F) being friendly and important in themselves.
T) having a purpose.
22. If I had the time and money, and a friend invited me to an
exotic location and gave me one day's notice, I would:
J) have to check my schedule first.
P) pack my bags without a second thought.
23. When on a first date, I:
J) get upset if my date is late.
P) don't worry about it since I'm usually late myself.
24. I prefer:
J) to know, in advance, what's going to happen on my dates: where I'm going, who is going to be there, how long I will be there, how I should dress.
P) to let the dates happen spontaneously without much (if any) advance planning.
25. I prefer a life that revolves around:
J) schedules and organization.
P) spontaneity and flexibility.
26. Which is more common:
J) I'm on time and everyone else is late.
P) everyone else is on time, and I'm late.
27. I am the type of person who likes to:
J) make up my mind and come to definite conclusions.
P) keep my options open and continue gathering information.
28. I am the type of person who:
J) likes to work on one thing at a time until completion.
P) enjoys working on several things at once.
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