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If You Are the ESTJ: Traditionalist

"Love is grounded on the rock-solid values of family, tradition, and loyalty."

You Are Someone Who:

Tends to display a take-charge personality.
Values authority and chain of command.
Enjoys a raucous sense of humor.
Is an excellent protector and provider for your family.
Seeks the stability and structure of marriage and family life.

If You Are Female, Your Best Matches Are:
ESTJs: Traditionalists
ENTJs: Generals

If You Are Male, Your Best Matches Are:
ISTJs: Administrators
ESFJs: Dutiful Hosts
ESTJs: Traditionalists
INTJs: Experts
ENTJs: Generals

If You Want to Win the Heart of Your Ideal Mate, Do the Following:
For ESTJs:
*Keep the conversation practical and down-to-earth.
*Let your ESTJ decide where to go and what to do on dates; then join him or her for the ride.
*Avoid excessive sentimentality and a "touchy feely" attitude--keep it real and straightforward.
*Express your interest, affection, and loyalty in practical ways such as buying groceries and cooking for your date.
*Spend time with their family and friends and become a part of their inner circle.
For ENTJs:
*Dress your best; ENTJs are fastidious about your appearance.
*Be ready to engage in a fiery debate about almost anything.
*Sharpen your wit and be prepared to lampoon any silly, pompous, or hypocritical person or situation you observe.
*Keep your cool when ENTJs use their famous acidic wit to roast you; tease them back and win their affection.
For ISTJs:
*Accent the traditional side of your personality--talk about how much you enjoy cooking, children, and providing for your family.
*Cater to your ISTJ's desire for timeliness, cleanliness and organization; be on time, neat, and clean when you're dating them.
*To really impress them, offer to help clean their home and make a date out of it.
*Don't engage in showy displays of affection and romantic gestures (bouquets of flowers not required); keep the conversation practical and the activities simple and cost-effective.
For ESFJs:
*Help your perfect host plan a party, wedding, or bar mitzvah.
*If you're planning the date, fill them in on the details and make sure you don't deviate from your schedule (unless you give them plenty of notice).
*Talk about everyday topics such as the latest trends in fashion, finances, or entertainment.
*If you invite your ESFJ over, make sure your home is neat, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing.
*Join your ESFJ on social outings to restaurants, nightclubs, comedy clubs, and anywhere else people are enjoying themselves.
For INTJs:
*Plan dates that allow your INTJ to display his or her knowledge and competence (attend a wine tasting or watch a court trial, for example).
*Add spice to your relationship by engaging your partner in a rousing debate.
*Engage your date's intellectual competitiveness by playing a good game of chess or helping them solve a brain teaser.
*Demonstrate that you are competent in an esoteric subject and your INTJ will respect you even more.
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