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LoveTypes® Mission Statement and Social Club

For more information on how to volunteer for LoveTypes ® International or how to join or start a local LoveTypes® social club near you:

Contact Dr. Alexander Avila
(310) 226-8090
E-mail: lovetype4u@aol.com
P.O. Box 40, Alhambra, CA 91802

The mission of LoveTypes® International is to help foster beautiful, loving, healing, growth-producing, harmonious, and compatible relationships between people of all genders, races, ethnicities, and cultures throughout the world. These strong and life-enhancing relationships will, in turn, help wipe out the scourges of loneliness, frustration, worthlessness, isolation, boredom, and anxiety that plague many of the people of the world.

Recognizing the pain and problems that many people face in forming romantic and platonic relationships, LoveTypes® International provides techniques, resources, guidance, networks, coaching, counseling, as well as individual and group work to help people connect with others in a positive, lifeenhancing manner that transforms their lives.

LoveTypes International draws from Dr. Alexander Avila’s diverse background and training in Myers-Briggs® typology (including his groundbreaking book: LoveTypes: Discover Your Romantic Style and Find Your Soul Mate), psychodrama, Eastern psychology, and Western psychological principles to provide the most powerful psychological and spiritual tools to help individuals develop and maintain the most rewarding and fulfilling relationships possible.

LoveTypes International works at the grassroots level by sponsoring FREE LoveTypes Social Clubs in communities throughout the world. These member-run groups bring like-minded people together and teaches them how to:

*Overcome their fears, anxieties, and frustrations regarding relationships as they learn how to connect with compatible, meaningful people--- romantically and platonically--in a natural and relaxed way.

*Participate in fun and enlightening social and educational events that will enrich their lives.

*Get involved in charitable and helping activities that will help the world become a better place. LoveTypes International and LoveTypes Social Clubs will accomplish four powerful, revolutionary objectives in the 21st Century:

1. A revolution in love and romance: As they were in the legendary Garden of Eden, men and women will again feel trusting, relaxed, and loving in each other’s presence. The guessing, the games, and the anxiety will be dissolved as men and women recognize each other’s true personality styles and make intelligent decisions about the kind of people they want to connect with. In LoveTypes International, the focus will move far away from the desperate dating measures of heartbroken men and women toward a new type of harmonious relationships where like-minded men and women pull together for a common cause: To enlighten and heal the world, one relationship at a time. As their focus is redirected toward this higher purpose, the underlying friendships and romances between men and women will evolve naturally, without significant stress, strain, and thought. Love will shine outward from the noble purposes they are fulfilling.

2. A revolution in friendships: Not only will romantic relationships be transformed, but people of both sexes will be able to create wonderfully fulfilling friendships with each other. The same principles of romantic connection will apply in the area of friendships: Members will be drawn to each other based on compatibility and mutual respect toward each other’s LoveTypes (or romantic styles), and they will work together for a common, higher cause that strengthens and deepens the friendships they form. Men (as well as women) will finally be able to bond with their own sex in a healing manner, free of one-upsmanship, competition, and wariness. And men and women will be able to bond with each other in true friendship, devoid of manipulation and sexual mind games.

3. A revolution in personal esteem: As people understand and embrace their own LoveType or romantic style (no matter how rare their LoveType is), their self-esteem will increase accordingly, and they will see themselves as worthwhile and productive human beings. Because LoveTypes International recognizes the beauty, power, and contribution of each the 16 LoveTypes, everyone is treated as an equal, and everyone’s unique talents and powers are fully encouraged and expressed. The result is a magical combination of 16 unique human “colors” to create a gorgeous rainbow of human expression and connection.

4. A revolution in positive family cycles: Finally, as healthier long-term relationships and marriages are created through LoveTypes International, a positive family cycle will be created. Children will see the example of their happy, LoveType compatible parents. They will understand the incredible benefits of marrying a compatible LoveType and working with their mate’s personality preferences to create a happy and harmonious family life.

When these children grow up, they will follow their parents’ footsteps and choose compatible partners with whom they can create successful and loving relationships. This will create a perpetuating societal effect that will result in longer, happier marriages and well-adjusted children. Moreover, with the fostering of healthier relationships and people with greater self-esteem, there will be far fewer divorces as well as much less juvenile delinquency, crime, poverty, mental and physical abuse, and all the other human maladies that can be attributed to the breakdown of the family.

Now, with LoveTypes International’s transformative approach to human relationships, our world society can move toward the oncoming centuries with a higher degree of human and spiritual evolution. With LoveTypes International as the linchpin, men and women will be able to develop a profound sense of human connectedness, and experience true meaning and passion during their time on earth.
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